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A few years ago, I got a great gift for my wife. I thought it would be nice to choose a gorgeous gold locket with our family picture in it. She absolutely loved the gift, so I was surprised when she never wore it out of the house. After I talked with her, she explained that the locket was too nice to wear with most of her everyday outfits. That day, I learned a little about buying the right jewelry. Together, my wife and I have developed this blog dedicated to all things jewelry, so that you can buy the right gifts for your loved one.

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Remembering Your Loved One After Death

Have you recently lost somebody you love when he or she passed away? If so, you are more than likely still going through the grieving steps. Additionally, perhaps you are planning different ways that you can remember your loved one. Was the deceased person cremated? If so, from buying cremation jewelry to writing down your memories, here are some things you can do when you are remembering your loved one after his or her death.

Cremation Jewelry - When a person has had a traditional burial, his or her loved ones can go to the cemetery and place flowers on the graveside. But if you can't do that because your loved one was cremated, there are other ways that you can remember him or her, and you can even keep part of that person near to your heart, literally.

Have you ever seen cremation memorial jewelry? If not, you will more than likely be amazed at how beautiful it is. Consider buying a beautiful heart-shaped vial that is worn on a chain around your neck. Another idea is to buy a small sterling silver vial that can be engraved with special words, perhaps words like Never Forgotten or Always with Me. Cremation memorial jewelry comes in so many designs that you'll have plenty of options when selecting the piece you want. 

Written Memories - As you grieve for the person you have lost to death, consider other ways that he or she can be remembered. Of course, you probably already have framed pictures of that person, and you might even have cards and letters that he or she wrote to you in the past. However, have you considered that you can write a letter to your loved one, even though he or she won't literally receive it? Think of writing down all of your thoughts, including words of love and appreciation for times that you spent together. Write down memories of days gone by, perhaps special trips you took together, funny stories that occurred during his or her lifetime, and even thoughts you weren't able to express when your loved one was still alive. Perhaps you quarreled, and you didn't get to apologize. Write an apology in your letter. Perhaps you are even still angry at the deceased person. If so, write down your feelings, and then consider letting those negative feelings go so that you can just remember the happy times.