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A few years ago, I got a great gift for my wife. I thought it would be nice to choose a gorgeous gold locket with our family picture in it. She absolutely loved the gift, so I was surprised when she never wore it out of the house. After I talked with her, she explained that the locket was too nice to wear with most of her everyday outfits. That day, I learned a little about buying the right jewelry. Together, my wife and I have developed this blog dedicated to all things jewelry, so that you can buy the right gifts for your loved one.

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3 Unique And Eye-Catching Custom Jewelry Designs

There are many reasons to choose custom jewelry over pre-made, mass-produced pieces. When you go the custom route, you can be sure that your jewelry is one-of-a-kind and that no one else will have anything like it. If you're thinking about commissioning a custom piece of jewelry, here are three unique and eye-catching designs to inspire you. A Monogrammed Ring  Monogrammed rings are a timeless and chic way to personalize your jewelry. Read More 

The Ultimate Guide To Finding The Perfect Engagement Ring

A ring is a symbol of everlasting love. It is the ultimate statement of your commitment to someone, and it should be chosen with great care. If you're looking for the perfect engagement ring, follow these tips when visiting an engagement ring store. Consider Your Partner's Style When you're shopping for an engagement ring, take your partner's style into account. After all, this is a piece of jewelry they'll be wearing for the rest of their life! Read More 

Do’s And Don’ts For Mixing Metals In Your Wedding Rings

Mixing metals in wedding ring sets is a growing trend that frees up a modern bride or groom's style. If you want to join the mixed metals craze, though, read on for a few valuable do's and don'ts for ensuring a great outcome no matter what you decide.  Do Create a Unified Look The primary concern for many people who are hesitant to mix metals is that it may not look cohesive and complementary. Read More 

How To Pawn Your High-Quality Basketball Shoes

If you're in need of cash and you've been looking around your home for things to pawn, don't forget about your expensive basketball shoes. It's possible to pawn basketball shoes as long as they are valuable and in good shape. Here are things to know. Call Around To Find The Right Pawn Shop You might need to call pawn shops to find one that accepts basketball shoes. When you find one, ask about what you need to do to the shoes before bringing them in, and what you can expect with the pawning process. Read More