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A few years ago, I got a great gift for my wife. I thought it would be nice to choose a gorgeous gold locket with our family picture in it. She absolutely loved the gift, so I was surprised when she never wore it out of the house. After I talked with her, she explained that the locket was too nice to wear with most of her everyday outfits. That day, I learned a little about buying the right jewelry. Together, my wife and I have developed this blog dedicated to all things jewelry, so that you can buy the right gifts for your loved one.

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5 Tips For Choosing Customized Fashion Jewelry As A Gift

Trendy fashion jewelry might seem like one of the easiest gifts in the world to get right, but the personal tastes of the recipient makes it tricky to find something you can be sure they'll love. Custom fashion jewelry helps you create a unique present on a budget. Try these five tips to make sure the customized piece you choose makes the day of your friend or loved one.

Try a Matching Customized Storage Chest

If a bracelet or ring doesn't feel like a large enough present for a pivotal birthday or other important event, order a customized storage container for the jewelry and use it in place of a disposable box. A wooden chest with your recipient's name engraved is sure to impress, while even simple ring holders or watch boxes can fit a set of initials. Your loved one will think the jewelry chest is the gift, then experience another pleasant shock when they find the jewelry hidden inside it.

Bring in a Personal Touch

If your recipient isn't a fan of initials and monograms, you can still get creative and order jewelry with a custom twist. A few ideas include

  • Laser cut pendants shaped to resemble a child's drawing or a favorite pet
  • Clear lockets and miniature vials, which artisans can fill with items related to the person receiving the necklace
  • Charms representing the person's interests, transformed into stacking ring sets instead of just attached to bracelets like usual
  • Gemstone bead strands that you pick and choose, which arrive assembled and ready to wear
  • 3D metal and plastic printing, giving you a chance to create unusual designs with a specific personal meaning.

Remember the Classic Monogram

Struggling to think of a design your friend would actually wear on a regular basis? Keep it simple with a beautiful necklace or bracelet featuring a small and discreet monogram. This adds a personal touch without making it too showy or splashy for daily wear. Hold back on the over-sized full name pendants cast in gold until you're sure your recipient would actually feel comfortable wearing it.

Work with a Designer

Don't make the mistake of assuming that custom designed jewelry from an experienced independent designer is out of your budget either. If you want something made in the style of a specific crafts person, you may find out the commission rates are quite reasonable. Tips for ordering a completely custom piece include

  • Communicate about any special needs or ideas you have for the jewelry, including allergies to certain metals or aversions to select colors
  • Show them plenty of sample pieces featuring elements you like, but keep in mind they're going to put their own signature design on the finished piece
  • Prepare to pay at least half of the total cost upfront, and ask if that amount is refundable if you pull out before the jewelry is finished
  • Ask about the delay for material sourcing and construction, especially when the gift giving occasion is coming up in the next few months
  • Negotiate about milestones and photos as the piece is created, allowing you to make changes as necessary while it's still possible.

Consider a Kit

Finally, find out how crafty your jewelry loving friend or family member is before ordering your gift. If they express an interest in designing or assembling their own necklaces and bracelets, an inexpensive kit full of beads and memory wire may mean more than a finished design from another crafts person. However, a DIY gift isn't right for everyone, so casually ask about their hobbies before investing in a set of tools and materials that could sit in a closet and go unused.